Need to Sell or Find the Perfect Property? We CAN Help!

Thank you for visiting our page!   The MidAtlantic Team is ready to help!   

Just email or text and let us know what you need help with.  Below are some of our services; we work with many contractors and businesses, so don't be shy!  Email, Text, or Call; we are ready to talk and answer your questions!

Buying Your First Home or your 10th.   We will help put your strategy together.

Selling your home for the most net return.

Estates:  Ready to Sell your loved ones' home but don't know where to begin.  We have done this numerous times, from the initial Clean Out, Sell, Donate or Trash to hiring Contractors to help the condition to get the highest price.   

Investment Properties.  Ready to get started or not getting what you need?  We know how to write the offer to help you win!   It's a New Conversation.

Ready to Your Home, but need to know where to start?   We will consult on the complete timeline and can start with the decultering conversation.

Consult on Your Real Estate Needs and help meet the Final Goal

Contractors:  We can help get quotes from Contractors before we list your property

Staging:  We offer staging services when your home is ready!  We can use some of your existing furniture or bring our own, just ask for a consultation!

Monica Curry, Real Estate Expert         (757)-237-9645    or

                                             Text, Call or Email!